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We Got to Move: Winter Offering

On Saturday 16th January 2021, we tested for the first time the WGTM curriculum, sharing skills to build your strength, work with nature, and grow community power.

From Vision to Virtual

We held a day of workshops, offering immediately usable skills that you can apply to

  • build your own physical strength

  • nourish and protect yourself

  • work with nature and the people around you to grow community power

  • start organising to win change

Take a look at some of the feedback for the day over on our Instagram or facebook.

Winter Offering 2021: Welcome


Ali B & Fatima

Join Ali B from ROAAAR and Fatima from Blossoms Self Defence as they guide you through an introduction into physical and emotional self defence.





Becca Kirkpatrick

No equipment? No problem. Learn principles and ideas to start working on building your strength just using your own body, as it is, and things around you.

Big Bag Training



Kat Wright & Nick Ballard

ACORN organisers will take you through a step by step guide of how to build an organising committee, how to create long lasting community infrastructure and how to choose and win on local campaigns.

ACORN - Union for the Community

ezimma chigbo.png


Ezimma Chigbo 

Ezimma is a writer and creative facilitator specialises in working with young women exploring issues such as healthy relationships, labels and identity and has worked mainly with young women involved in the criminal justice system. She is also the cohost of The Echo Chamber Podcast which we recommend you check out.

This session will explore power, identity and privilege and its impact on our collective care in our social justice effort.

The Echo Chamber Podcast

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Josie Holt

Resilience is the ability to prepare for, withstand, and recover from a crisis or disruption. A resilient food system is able to withstand and recover from disruptions in a way that ensures a sufficient supply of acceptable and accessible food for all.

With thousands of books and websites dedicated to growing your own food, anyone can do it! 
So why aren’t we? Let's work together to explore some simple permaculture design tools to help connect us to our individual and community food growing needs and capacities. 

Winter Offering 2021: Team Members

We invited you to bring to the Offering your favourite recipes, nature photos and songs - here's our co-created playlist.

Winter Offering 2021: Text
Winter Offering 2021: Image
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